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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hank and Mike DVD Review

Hank and Mike


On DVD: April 14th, 2009

Rated 18A for sexual content, substance abuse, language and nudity

Running time: 86 minutes

Matthiew Klinck (dir.)

Thomas Michael as Hank

Paolo Mancini as Mike

Chris Klein as Conrad Hubriss

Joe Mantegna as Mr. Pan

Boyd Banks as Leon

Maggie Castle as Lena

Tony Nappo as Stu

Kathleen Laskey as Connie Schytt

Jack Jessop as Watermelon Man

Derek Gilroy as Liam

Hank and Mike walk the downtown streets in Hank And Mike.

Our reviews below:


Hank And Mike DVD Review By John C.

*** (out of 4)

The title card only appears 22 minutes into the 86 minute film, but by the time it does we have already been introduced to the characters and the premise has already been set up: Hank and Mike are two Easter Bunnies who get fired from their jobs and get down-in-the-dumps while looking for work. Hank and Mike is their story. This is actually surprisingly good for a movie about two Easter Bunnies. Especially when the bunnies are played by adult men in mask-less suits. The film is quite often hilarious, but also follows a reasonable plot line. The film also has it’s moments of sweetness and in the end actually boasts a positive message: Even if it’s dark and raining, the sun will always come back out.

Please don’t mistake this for family entertainment, the film has a ton of instances of swearing, sexual situations and a lot of female nudity in the first half. But, for mature audiences who don’t mind the vulgarity, the film is funny, enjoyable and in it’s own strange way, has a heart. This is destined to become a Canadian cult-classic that will likely be watched for many years to come.

The DVD boasts “over 4 hours of special features”, including the original 15 minute Hank and Mike short film from 2000, deleted and extended scenes, featurette’s, making-of’s, an alternate ending, auditions, filmmaker commentaries, a photo gallery and a poster gallery. The disc also includes the Canadian exclusive special feature “Hank and Mike heckle the movie” and a dozen Easter Egg’s for you to find.


Hank And Mike DVD Review By Erin V.

*** (out of 4)

Hank And Mike is the story of two blue-colour Easter Bunnies, who are laid off from their jobs because, A. Budget Cuts/Downsizing within Easter Enterprises, and B. They missed a house on thier route. Hank is a drinking, smoking, (not just tobacco), and partying Easter Bunny, who is always half asleep in front of the TV when Mike wakes him up to go hide Easter eggs on Easter morning. Mike on the other hand, happily hops out of bed when his alarm clock rings at 2:20 am for them to go out and do their job as Easter Bunnies. Mike could not be any different then Hank, as he enjoys his organic carrots, and being a hardworker at the job that he loves so much. It is the contrast between the two main characters, that really makes the movie work so well. An interesting note, is that this introduction to the two main characters and their plight, takes up the first 22 minutes of the movie, before the title card comes on. And it’s the perfect introdution. By the time everything starts happening, we already know the characters that we are dealing with, and for the remainder of the 86 minutes, we can just watch to see how it all turns out.

This movie is surprisingly quite good, and there is far more of a storyline than you may expect. After the movie, I saw the original 15 minute short film that this movie was based on. Hank and Mike were both drunk Easter Bunnies in that, and I found that it worked better with the contrast. It is interesting to see how this short evolved into a movie, as it really didn’t have much plotline more than the idea of two Easter Bunnies fired from their job, and getting drunk in a bar.

The interesting thing about Hank And Mike, is that you realize that you are watching a movie with the two main actors dressed in pink bunny suits. Then, you realize that they are not supposed to be in bunny suits - they are bunnies. The odd thing is that you just except this fact, and enjoy the movie. There were a few really rude scenes, sexual related nudity, etc., and the language throughout certainly deserves the 18A rating. This is not a kids movie, and would certainly not really be appropriate for those under at least fourteen, (or older as the rating suggests). Other than that though, I really enjoyed this movie. It is quite good, with this odd sort of Canadian feel to it.

The Hank And Mike DVD includes over 4 hours of extras, including deleted scenes, the original Hank And Mike short film, featuettes, a dozen Easter eggs for you to find, and much, much more. If you don’t mind the rudeness, this movie would be worth checking out. And if you rent it and love it, you just may have to get yourself a copy. This is the kind of thing that years from now could become a classic.


Hank And Mike DVD Review By Nicole

**1/2 (out of 4)

When I first saw the trailer for Hank and Mike, I thought it would be a really bad movie. Surprisingly though, Hank and Mike is actually funny, in a really quirky and whimsical way. The movie follows Hank and Mike, two Easter bunnies who work for a sleazy company called Easter Enterprises. When the duo miss a house and the company downsizes, the bunnies are fired and in need of a new job. They try everything, from “butcher shop”, to delivery service, to working in a school, (and getting the kids hopped up on chocolate). However, when hank and Mike get too caught up in the temptations of the world, such as lust and a desire for material things, their lives hit rock bottom. Only when they learn to love and forgive others, instead of desiring things for themselves, do their lives come together again.

Despite the fact that Hank and Mike is a movie about Easter Bunnies it is in no way a family film. The language is strong, there are scenes of gratuitous female nudity in a sexual setting (my one objection to the film), as well as substance abuse. However, despite all the content, Hank and Mike is a very timely film with a good message. In this time of recession, Hank and Mike is a film that reminds us what is really important in life. This film takes a critical look at our culture of greed, the culture of death and the the temptations of the world, such as drugs, alcohol and sex. The contrast between Hank, the grumpy chain-smoking slacker bunny and Mike, the friendly more optimistic bunny who loves organic carrot smoothies, is very apparent. The overall message of the film is, even when things look bleak, the sun will shine through. This message fits well with the real meaning of Easter. (An added bonus is the Canadian production). Check this movie out around Easter, (just wait till the kids are in bed).


Hank And Mike DVD Review By Maureen

**1/2 (out of 4)

Hank and Mike is one funny movie. This timely but quirky story about two Easter bunnies dealing with unemployment is so oddly believable that it’s sure to become a Canadian pop classic among the college crowd.

It’s interesting to watch how Hank, the bad bunny and Mike, the good bunny cope with the fallout of unemployment-a string of unsatisfactory temp jobs, no money, depression. Yes, they behave badly, but ultimately their friendship gets them through the tough times. When they choose to fight the evil Easter Enterprise corporation, the result is a perfect Easter ending.

Despite the pink fuzzy suits this is not a family Easter movie. The 18A rating is appropriate with the language and sexual content. The movie would have been just as funny without the few nude scenes, (the bunny are always in their fuzzy suits). There is also a lot of substance abuse in the storyline. I know the Easter bunny who delivers Easter goodies to my house never behaves like that.

There are a lot of Special Features on this DVD, (over 4 hours). I found it interesting to watch the original 15 minute Hank and Mike short film. The full length movie is way better. I know I’ll watch this one again next Easter. Skip the popcorn for this one, it’s much more enjoyable with a bowl of cheap Easter chocolate.


Hank And Mike DVD Review By Tony

**1/2 (out of 4)

Hank and Mike were two easter bunnies created in 1998 by actors Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini respectively along with director Matthiew Klinck, who had all worked together in sketches since the 7th grade in 1991. As seen in a strange short film of the time (included on the DVD) they were both dissolute characters drowning their sorrows after being fired from their job delivering chocolate eggs for Easter Enterprises. In the current film, Hank is still a jerk, but Mike has evolved into a sweet character. From the opening sequence it is apparent that these are really bunnies, not men in bunny suits, whose role in society is valued, though limited to one night of breaking and entering along their delivery route. Their boss Mr. Pan (Joe Mantegna), like his mythical namesake, is a lover of nature, painting au naturel women and playing a panpipe. His goal to spread Easter joy among the kids that still believe is challenged by the crass bottom line thinking of Conrad Hubriss, whose role is to downsize the “second tier” (in a commercial sense) Easter division of the parent holiday corporation. When Hank and Mike miss one home on their route, the public outcry puts them at the head of the layoff line, and they spend the next few months in a number of disastrous jobs. When Hubriss threatens to take over and replace chocolate eggs with advertising coated cardboard, Hank and Mike find a way to put things right and give Hubriss the comeuppance that his name deserves, in a boardroom scene reminiscent of Dogma (without the guns).

A film like this could easily have been a disaster. Fortunately, like the films of Kevin Smith, it generally works both despite and because of its weird premise, grossout humour, political incorrectness, and profanity (even to little kids who respond in kind). Like other successful comedy teams, such as Dante & Randall (Clerks), Felix & Oscar, Ernie & Bert, etc., Hank and Mike have lived together for so song that they are completely believable, and most importantly, likeable. The musical score is especially good, from the quirky opening egg delivery sequence to the songs, some of which were specially written as commentary (like a Greek chorus), notably during a surreal strip club sequence where Hubriss belts out his feelings to a lush accompaniment. We hope its Canadian provenance doesn’t stand in the way.

Along with the aforementioned short, the DVD has lots of the usual extras, which we hope to see soon.


Consensus: Funny Easter movie with it’s own quirky heart. Fun to watch around Easter, just not for kids. **3/4 (Out of 4)


Hank and Mike selling off their junk in Hank And Mike.


Mike gets advice from Watermelon Man in Hank And Mike.

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