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Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Month’s Overlooked Film

Chosen by: John C.

Thank You For Smoking

Release Date April 14th, 2006

Rated 14A for coarse language and sexual content

Running Time: 92 min

Jason Reitman (dir.)

Jason Reitman (screenplay)

Christopher Buckley (novel)

Rolfe Kent (music)

Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor

J.K. Simmons as BR

Cameron Bright as Joey Naylor

Kim Dickens as Jill Naylor

William H. Macy as Senator Ortolan Finistirre

Robert Duvall as Captain

Katie Holmes as Heather Holloway

Adam Brody as Jack

Sam Elliott as Lorne Lutch


Thank You For Smoking

Review By John C.

Before Juno, Ivan Reitman’s son, Jason Reitman, made his feature-length debut with the brilliant and hilarious satire, Thank You For Smoking. Aaron Eckhart leads an all-star cast, as Nick Naylor, a man who spends his life defending the cigarette companys. As anti-smoking as the film is, it doesn’t really take sides. It asks questions, but doesn’t necessarily give us an answer. It’s thought-provoking entertainment, but most importantly it’s just very, very funny. Jason Reitman is currently finishing work on his third film, Up in the Air, so that it can hopefully premiere at TIFF in September.

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