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Friday, July 24, 2009




Release Date: July 24th, 2009

Rated PG for some mild action and rude humour

Running time: 88 minutes

Hoyt Yeatman (dir.)

Cormac Wibberley (screenplay)

Marianne Wibberley (screenplay)

Ted Elliott (screenplay)

Terry Rossio (screenplay)

Tim Firth (screenplay)

Hoyt Yeatman (story)

Trevor Rabin (music)

Bill Nighy as Saber

Will Arnett as Kip Killian

Zach Galifianakis as Ben

Kelli Garner as Marcie

Nicolas Cage as Speckles (voice)

Sam Rockwell as Darwin (voice)

Jon Favreau as Hurley (voice)

Penélope Cruz as Juarez (voice)

Steve Buscemi as Bucky (voice)

Tracy Morgan as Blaster (voice)

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"G-FORCE" (L-R) Darwin, Juarez, Blaster © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Our reviews below:


G-Force Review By John C.

***1/2 (out of 4)

G-Force is the story of a covert operation of espionage guinea pigs, who have to take down a mad billionaire, Saber (Bill Nighy), who may just have a plot for world domination. With spy training and and tons of cool gadgetry, these may just be the coolest guinea pigs you’ve ever seen.

I’m sure you’ve seen ads for G-Force, which means that you have some, and no, idea of what it will be like. I’m sure if you have kids than they will be bugging you to take them. Well fear not parents, this is a highly entertaining film with enough “Jerry Bruckheimer” action to keep everyone highly entertained.

Like the recent Transformers sequel, this film also has tons of action-packed sequences, as well as it’s own share of transforming going on. Unlike the recent Transformers film which was 153 minutes, G-Force is only 88 minutes long. I enjoyed Transformers 2 to a certain extent, but this is definitely a better film. And also one that didn’t leave me with a headache. Parents also needn’t worry, there are no scenes where someone ends up on top of someone else in a sexual position.

I wouldn’t recommend taking kids under, maybe 8, to see this film. A lot of young kids in the theatre seemed to be getting overwhelmed by the huge action sequences. Just because it’s got guinea pigs, doesn’t mean it lays off on the action. There are incredibly cool and exciting sequences. The plot, which seems like something out of a James Bond film, would probably also serve as a confusion for younger kids.

I liked G-Force a lot. The 3D effects are top-notch, and the blend of live-action and animation never feels out of place. Surprisingly, this is a believable world. The guinea pigs and other animals are rendered incredibly realistic. The humour is smart and funny. Some of it will be best understood by adults, but isn’t too rude for kids.

I think the main reason why I liked it so much is because it’s just so good for what it is. And for the fact that it is technically amazing in terms of visual effects. I don’t know if it will be quite as much fun in plain old 2D, so go see G-Force in 3D this summer. I’m almost certain you’ll have a good time.


G-Force Review By Erin V.

***3/4 (out of 4)

G-Force is the story of a group of Guinea pigs, trained as a special task force for the FBI. The FBI wants to shut the experimental G-Force group down, but the team has information that a man named Leonard Saber seems to have a plot to take over the world. Setting out to prove themselves and stop Saber, G-Force rolls into action.

Despite what might seem like just a silly premise, turns out to be a lot of fun. This movie is really well done, and while the overall plot is kind of standard, the execution here really makes it work. This is a movie with animated Guinea pigs interacting with live humans - in 3D. But we never feel like either the people nor the animals are out of place. This is in part due to the solid animation, and also due to the voice work for the aforementioned animals. The semi-realistic animation allows the animals to co-exist in our world, while the voices make them seem more like characters rather than cartoon characters.

The 3D also works very well - some of the best I’ve seen. The technology is clearly getting better and better. This was the first live action 3D movie I’ve seen and I found the effect worked quite well. Also, to enhance the 3D effect, you will notice that occasionally in the film, they will break the “mask”. Essentially, G-Force has black bars on the top and bottom - just like you would see on a wide-screen disc on a full screen tv at home. You don’t notice them in the dark of the theatre, but they are actually part of the picture. The point of these are so that, at certain points in the film, (you will know what I am talking about if you watch the top of the screen at the end of the ‘fireworks scene’, for example), part of the image goes over the black, thus giving the further appearance that the image is “leaping off the screen”.

I found Trevor Rabin’s score for G-Force far more fitting than his for Race To Witch Mountain earlier this year. The latter was kind of over-scored trying to create more suspense where there was less. G-Force didn’t need that kind of overcompensation, and therefor the score worked quite well. G-Force also contains a better balance of action, that was better staged, to fit the action score better as well.

Overall, G-Force is a whole lot of fun. Go see it in 3D, because here the 3D is part of the fun of the movie. This is not because the 3D is a total crutch on which the film is propped, but something that really adds to it. So, despite what you may think from the trailers, G-Force is really, really well done for what it is. This is a great movie for the whole family, (with kids around 6 - 8 & up).


G-Force Review By Nicole

***1/2 (out of 4)

G-Force is a fun,, family friendly action movie. Three of the guinea pigs, Darwin, Blaster, and Juarez, as well as a mole named Speckles are rescued animals who are trained to stop Saber, a seedy appliance company. (Ben, their trainer, cleverly pretends to be an exterminator, so no one will expect that he actually loves animals.) But when the FBI finds out, they don't actually believe that these small mammals can do anything. The creatures end up at a pet store, where they meet other funny animals, including Darwin's brother, Harley. The animals end up in various mishaps, but get back together to defeat the evil appliances and save the world.

G-Force is cute, action packed, and a lot of fun. Some very young children in the theatre seemed scared or overwhelmed by some scenes, so I wouldn't recommend this movie for children under 6. However, there is a lot of stuff here that children will love. The animals are adorable, and there is enough action and plot to keep both kids and adults equally interested. The detail on the animals is incredibly realistic. The 3D is really good. One of my favourite scenes is when the guinea pigs ride in hamster balls through a parking lot of exploding fireworks. The 3D in that scene is incredible. I also enjoyed seeing the appliance transform into evil robots. These scenes will especially appeal to young Transformers fans. This movie has great action, a decent plot, a fun score, and cute animals. This film is nothing but pure fun.


G-Force Review By Maureen

***1/2 (out of 4)

G-Force is a fun, fast-paced family spy/action movie. There is something for everyone to enjoy in G-Force. The plot line is elaborate enough to keep older kids and adults interested. The spy gadgets and the holographic scenes are really cool to see. There is a ton of action with lots of car chases and crashes. The gadgets and action sequences are especially appealing in 3D. And for transformers fans, the transforming evil appliances are really fun to watch.

What makes this movie unique are the main characters. The G-Force is made up of highly-trained guinea pigs and a mole. Oddly having the guinea pigs as the heroes is completely believable. The scenes with the guinea pigs are funny throughout the movie without being a distraction to the storyline. When the guinea pigs end up in a pet store the other animals they meet up with are equally appealing. Younger viewers will enjoy watching the cute animals though many of the jokes will go over their heads.

What I really liked about G-Force is that it has the right mix of action, storyline, humour, cool gadgets, and cuteness. Families can enjoy this one together though the under five set may find some of the action scenes too real and scary. Treat the family to this one in 3D. It's worth it.


G-Force Review By Tony

*** (out of 4)

G-Force is a live action spy thriller produced by Jerry Bruckheimer in Disney Digital 3D™ with CGI guinea pigs and other small critters as the agents. Despite the familiar plot and over the top music, it is well made with a good cast and witty script that will appeal to parents as well as their kids over five years old. The 3D is very effective here but the film will stand up well without it.


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"G-FORCE" (L-R) Blaster, Bucky, Darwin © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Consensus: G-Force is a fun, action-packed family movie. While not for the youngest of kids, this will likely be a big hit for the 8 and up crowd. See it in 3D if you can. ***1/2 (Out of 4)


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"G-FORCE" (L-R) Juarez, Darwin © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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