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Thursday, June 26, 2008

WALL•E Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

WALL•E currently stands at 97%, with 64 fresh and 2 rotten. It will be interesting to keep checking up on it tonight and tomorrow. I hope that it will get up to 99% so that it can be the best reviewed PIXAR flick, just behind both of the Toy Story movies.


UPDATE; June 27th: WALL•E has reached 98% on RT. Now with 84 fresh and 2 rotten.

UPDATE #2; June 28th: WALL•E has dropped to 96% on RT, with 134 reviews counted; 129 fresh and 5 rotten. The average rating for WALL•E is currently at 8.6/10.

[Our reviews of WALL•E will be coming this following week.]

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