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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Animation is a medium where we can create and escape to fantasy worlds. (Part 2)

Written by John C.

In animation, anything is possible. In 2006, Pixar animation studios brilliantly brought cars to life in their film Cars, one year later in Ratatouille, the same studio believably made a rat cook in a kitchen. Dreamwork’s has created the lovable and believable ogre, Shrek, and also made a tale of a Kung Fu Fightin’ panda. All of this proves that in animation, anything is possible. Take the newly released clip (link below) of Disney’s upcoming CGI film Bolt for example. It seamlessly creates what is easily one of the years best chase scenes.

Soon, almost all CGI movies will be projected in 3D, including Bolt, and all Pixar films starting with next years Up, and all Dreamwork’s movies starting with next years Monsters VS Aliens. The chase scene in itself is amazing in 1080p on the computer, but think just how awesome it will be in stunning 3D.

Surf’s up was created in the style of a surfing documentary, and the water was stunningly realistic. Other movies like Igor, are created in their own style. They aren’t trying for realistic. Both those movies have nothing in common, and shouldn’t be compared just because they’re animated.

Bolt, (opens November 21), from what I have seen, will have amazing action scenes, including The Chase. It was a smart move on Disney’s part to release that clip, because I know it’s going to get a lot of people excited. But still, it shouldn’t be compared to, say the upcoming Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa for example, just because their both animated. It could be compared to other chase scenes, and it is definitely one of the coolest.

I am looking forward to both Bolt and the Madagascar sequel. While I think Bolt will be better technically, I enjoyed the first Madagascar and I think the sequel will be at least as much fun.

As promised, here is a link to the amazing new clip of Bolt, entitled The Chase. Please watch it, and go see the movie on November 21.


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