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Monday, October 20, 2008

Four Fall Films (part 3)

The Wizard of Oz

Release Date August 25th, 1939

Rated G

Victor Fleming (dir.)

Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale

Mararet Hamilton as Wicked Witch of the West

Ray Bolger as The Scarecrow

Bert Lahr as The Cowardly Lion

Jack Haley as The Tin Man

Frank Morgan as The Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz Review By John C.

**** (out of four)

The Wizard of Oz has stood the test of time. While the special effects were excellent for the time, they now seem a bit outdated. But, it still stands up as one of the best family films of all time, that every kid should see. It has become a classic that gets rapid play on TV stations around this time every year, in honor of Halloween, but you should really get a DVD so you can enjoy it fully restored and without commercials. If you have kids, you should really let them see it if they haven’t already. If you’re worried about it being too scary, What kid doesn't have fond memories about being freaked out by the flying monkeys? Besides, the singing Munchkins should be enough of a redemption.

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