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Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Days to Christmas

A Christmas Carol (Scrooge)

Release Date November 28th 1951

Rated PG

Running Time: 86 min.

Brian Desmond Hurst (dir.)

Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge

Mervyn Johns as Bob Cratchit

Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Cratchit

Michael Hordern as Jacob Marley / Marley's Ghost

George Cole as Young Ebenezer Scrooge

John Charlesworth as Peter Cratchit

Francis De Wolff as Spirit of Christmas Present (as Francis de Wolff)

Ernest Thesiger as The Undertaker

Glyn Dearman as Tiny Tim

Michael Dolan as Spirit of Christmas Past

Roddy Hughes as Fezziwig

Hattie Jacquesas Mrs. Fezziwig

C. Konarskias Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come


A Christmas Carol (Scrooge)

Review By John C.

A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim, is arguably the best adaptation of Charles Dickens’ masterpiece ever put to screen. It stays close to the book, and 57 years later, it is still being watched. There are so many different versions of the story, some good and some not, and next year a new version is coming, (more on that later), but the best ones are the one from 1938 with Reginald Owen, this one from 1951, and, yes, the Muppets. A Christmas tradition every year, based on one of the best Christmas stories ever written, go out and watch this movie.

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