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Friday, December 19, 2008

6 Days to Christmas

A Christmas Story

Release Date November 11th 1983

Rated PG

Running Time: 93 min.

Bob Clark (dir.)

Melinda Dillon as Mrs. Parker

Darren McGavin as The Old Man - Mr. Parker

Peter Billingsley as Ralphie Parker

Ian Petrella as Randy Parker

Scott Schwartz as Flick

R.D. Robb as Schwartz

Tedde Moore as Miss Shields

Yano Anaya as Grover Dill

Zack Ward as Scut Farkus

Jeff Gillen as Santa Claus


A Christmas Story

Review By John C.

“You’ll shoot your eye out”, is perhaps one of the most quotable Christmas movie lines, referring to young Ralphie who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, but is given that retort every time he asks an adult for his most wished about present. The writing of Jean Shepard, who narrates the movie and wrote the source book, In God we trust, all others pay cash, has a storytelling style that could be compared to Toronto writer Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe stories. Very simple, yet so simply funny, being able to find humor in little things, and the perfect deliverance of a line, that will make the whole audience crack up. There is so much to say about A Christmas Story, that to put it simply it’s a Christmas classic, that should not be missed from year to year.

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