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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keith DVD Review

On DVD: March 3rd, 2009

Rated (Canada) PG language may offend

Running time: 95 minutes

Todd Kessler (dir.)

Jesse McCartney as Keith

Elisabeth Harnois as Natalie

Ignacio Serricchio as Raff

Tim Halligan as Father

Tabitha Brownstone as Cynthia Anderson

James Applebury as Andy Victoria Chalaya as Lea

Jennifer Grey as Caroline

Margo Harshman as Brooke

Micah Henson as Shane


Keith Review By John C.

**1/2 (out of 4)

Keith follows the story of Natalie, (Elisabeth Harnois), a teenage girl who starts to fall in love with her lab partner Keith, (played by Jesse McCartney, who is surprisingly good in this role). The problem is Keith is slightly strange, the social misfit, whose idea of a good time is inviting her over at 4:00 am to go drop bowling balls on their teachers lawns. Is Keith messed up? Or is he just playing hard to get? Or is he just a jerk whose messing with her mind? The film sometimes plays out like an overly melodramatic, made-for-TV Hallmark presentation. I kept waiting for Keith to say that they couldn’t be together because he was a vampire, and she looked too yummy and he was afraid he might eat her. The film is also very cliché, and suffers from being far-fetched and in a lot of scenes, unbelievable. But, for what it is Keith has surprisingly good acting, and is actually well made and entertaining for it’s target audience, and it also has some good twists, that I didn’t see coming. Not a great movie, but something that is definitely worth checking out on DVD.

Just a tip to young males, if your girlfriend is coming over and you want to watch a movie, than this will probably go over well. And you won’t mind it too much either.

The DVD includes the film’s theatrical trailer. Just don’t watch it before you see the movie because it shows way to much of the story.


Keith Review By EVE

*** (out of 4)

Keith tells the story of Natalie, (Elisabeth Harnois), a girl who is the popular, high achieving girl at school. When Keith, (Jesse McCartney), a highschool senior who seems to be different from everyone else at the school, becomes her lab partner, she starts to spend more time with him. As she does, she has trouble figuring out what is up with him, whether he is too pushy, or just plain weird. Convinced that he is hiding something, she becomes obsessed with trying to figure him out. The movie takes us through their relationship together, and shows how the people we meet will change us forever.

Keith is the kind of movie that will probably be enjoyed by the same demographics as other highschool romance movies. The movie surprised me as being quite well done for what it is, as well as having good acting from the cast. I would recommend this movie on DVD. I believe it had a short, limited theatrical run, but it seems to be more of a TV suited movie anyways. It is the kind of movie that is worth watching one afternoon if you have the time. This is a well made teenage romantic drama.


Keith Review By Nicole

???? (out of 4)



Keith Review By Maureen

???? (out of 4)



Keith Review By Tony

???? (out of 4)



Consensus: Keith is a highschool romantic drama that is well made for what it is, and is worth watching on DVD. The audience that will want to see this movie, will probably really enjoy it. **1/2 (Out of 4)

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