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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Partly Cloudy; Where do babies come from? UPDATE

UPDATE: Mac has been able to enlarge the above picture from 468 x 196 to 1920 x 804, without loosing much quality. The pixillation on the enlarged image is very minimal, so click on the above image to see it full size! (If the link doesn't work for you, please drop a comment below, I will sort it out.)

PIXAR’s newest short film is called Partly Cloudy. The short will accompany UP, opening this May 29th, 2009, and is directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Kevin Reher.

Official Synopsis:

“Everyone knows that the stork delivers babies, but where do the storks get the babies from? The answer lies up in the stratosphere, where cloud people sculpt babies from clouds and bring them to life. Gus, a lonely and insecure grey cloud, is a master at creating ‘dangerous’ babies. Crocodiles, porcupines, rams and more—Gus’s beloved creations are works of art, but more than a handful for his loyal delivery stork partner, Peck. As Gus’s creations become more and more rambunctious, Peck’s job gets harder and harder. How will Peck manage to handle both his hazardous cargo and his friend’s fiery temperament?”

Thanks to Upcoming Pixar, and AWN for the synopsis, and picture!

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