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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One Movie, Five Views Expands Onto an Exciting New Platform

Toronto, ON (March 24, 2010) – After nearly two years on Blogger and incredible success, One Movie, Five Views has taken the next step forward and opened up into a full website. The content and writers will be the same, but the look and capabilities of the site will be much more advanced. For easier navigation, there will now be a menu bar to sort through all of the interesting and exciting content, including sections for Movies, DVDs, Books, Music, Articles and Interviews.

One Movie, Five Views has also added an updated "about us" page, and it now includes a brief history and description of the website, as well as short bios for each of the writers. There is also now easier access to all of the general contact info, Twitter page, contests, and a more detailed look at the 4-star rating system.

The new home of One Movie, Five Views can be found at www.onemoviefiveviews.com. Please take the time to check out the new website, and do not hesitate to give your feedback.

www.onemoviefiveviews.blogspot.com will still be accessible, but will not be updated and just remain there for archival and nostalgic purposes.

"One Movie, Five Views hopes for many more years of success in offering opinions and criticism on all things movies. We hope that our new platform will be just as popular with all of our pre-existing fans." - One Movie, Five Views staff

About One Movie, Five Views

One Movie, Five Views was originally launched on June 20th, 2008, with a review of Get Smart. What makes the website unique, and stand out from other websites, is that five people will each watch the same movie, and each write a review. The idea behind the website is five different opinions about the same movie. One Movie, Five Views is based in Toronto.


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