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Monday, March 1, 2010

Genie Award Nominations Announced

The nominations for the 30th annual Genie Awards, honouring achievements in Canadian film, have been announced. The five films nominated for Best Picture are:

3 Saisons

Before Tomorrow

Fifty Dead Men Walking



Three of the best Canadian films I saw last year, One Week, Adoration and Victoria Day, have each gotten at least one nomination.

One Week has been nominated for:

Best Actor - Joshua Jackson

Best Supporting Actress - Lianne Balaban

Adoration has been nominated for:

Best Supporting Actor - Scott Speedman

Best Original Screenplay - Atom Egoyan

Victoria Day has been nominated for:

Best Original Screenplay - David Bezmozgis

I had expected David Bezmozgis to be nominated for his wonderful screenplay for Victoria Day, but it’s really too bad that the Canadian masterpiece One Week has not been nominated for Best Picture.

The awards will be presented on April 12th, get the full list of nominees here.

-John C.

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