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Monday, August 31, 2009

Cinematography For Directors Book Review

Cinematography For Directors

Published By Michael Wiese Productions

Released August 1st, 2009

Page count: 277 pages

Cinematography For Directors

By Jacqueline B. Frost



Cinematography For Directors Book Review By Erin V.

This book has a nice balance between handy tips, examples (with pictures) from commonly known films, as well as technical information on camera types. And that’s what really works about this book. The information is presented in a retainable way, for both those versed and not yet versed in the language of cinematography.

In order to read this book though, you would have to have at least some interest in how films are made. If so, this is a good starting book with loads of information. I personally find the subject matter fascinating, and the book layout fresh and easily readable.

This is a valuable book for both professional cinematographers and directors, as well as for beginners/those looking to see if they want to get into the cinematography field.


To find out more about Cinematography For Directors, and other books, visit Michael Wiese Production's website here.

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