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Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Animated Films Top Ten List

By John C.

For those of you who don't know, this past week Richard Corliss of Time Magazine released his list of the ten best movies of the year. Here's his list:

10 - Thirst

9 - District 9

8 - Of Time and the City

7 - A Single Man

6 - The White Ribbon

5 - Up in the Air

4 - The Hurt Locker

3 - Fantastic Mr. Fox

2 - Up

1 - The Princess and the Frog

Notice two things: The top three are all animated, and Precious is nowhere to be seen.

I caught up with The Princess and the Frog last night in Toronto, and absolutely loved it. Our reviews will be published tomorrow, we’re all giving it great reviews. I might as well tell you that I'm giving it four stars. It's one of the best, and one of my favourite, movies of the year.

Leaving the excellent, but overrated Precious off your list and naming The Princess and the Frog best movie of the year is perhaps the best choice a film critic has made all year. The top three being all animated is an even bigger, better statement. In this astounding year for all forms of animation, the fact that some of the years best films are being forgotten is just incredibly sad. If I was given a ballot for the Oscars, than I'd just go all out with my nominations. There are ten nominees for Best Picture this year, therefor no excuses for some of the year's best films to be forgotten. Kudos to Richard Corliss for making this bold, courageous and timely statement. It's what Hollywood needs to hear.

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