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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Days to Christmas: Disney's A Christmas Carol

With ten days left until Christmas and the film still in theatres, it’s certainly not to late to go see director Robert Zemeckis’ excellent adaptation of Charles Dickens classic masterpiece, A Christmas Carol. Here’s a link to our reviews from November 6th. Our consensus was:

“A stunning new achievement from Robert Zemeckis and ImageMoversDigital. This is a visually amazing, close adaptation of Charles Dicken’s famous book. See it – in 3D or IMAX if you can. **** (Out of 4)”

Like Zemeckis’ previous film, The Polar Express – also criminally underrated – this one will go down as one of my favourite Christmas films. If you haven’t already, then go see this film as soon as you can. It truly is a darkly wonderful and hauntingly beautiful adaptation of Dickens’ classic story.

As Tiny Tim astutely observes, and Andrea Bocelli so beautifully sings over the closing credits, “God bless us everyone!”

-John C.

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