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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Countdown to Up: 2 Days to Disney•Pixar’s 10th film

Ratatouille, quite simply is a masterpiece. It reminded me of a classic Disney cartoon and of the classic silent comedies. It’s animation style and storyline are at the top of high class.

-John C.

Ratatouille Trivia*

• When deciding where Remy should control Linguini, Linguini pulls open his trousers exposing his underwear, where one can make out a The Incredibles logo pattern on his boxers

• During a street scene, there is a mime in the background, who is the character “Bomb Voyage” from The Incredibles, which is also directed by Brad Bird

• During the character design process, the sculptor created nine handmade clay sculpts of the film's protagonist, Remy. Six of those sculpts were different design explorations. The last three were different poses of the final design

• Several changes to the design of the rats (primarily the nose and ears) were made after Debbie Ducommun, a rat expert, brought down several of her personal pets for the art and animation departments to observe

• Michael Warch, the manager of sets and layout, holds a culinary degree

• The animation team worked alongside chef Thomas Keller at his restaurant “French Laundry” in order to learn the art of cooking. Mr. Keller also appears in a cameo role as the voice of a patron at Gusteau's

• Remy has 1.15 million hairs rendered, whereas Colette has 115,000 hairs rendered. An average person has about 110,000 hairs

• Storyboard and animator Peter Sohn was cast on the spot for the role of Emile when director Brad Bird accidentally found out that his demeanor and voice were exactly like the character description of Emile

• The room that Anton Ego writes his review in is shaped like a coffin; in addition the back of his typewriter resembles a skull face - appropriate, because he writes "killer" reviews

Up Trivia**

Up is the first Michael Giacchino-scored Pixar film not directed by Brad Bird. Giacchino has also scored numerous Pixar shorts, including Partly Cloudy, which plays before Up.

*All trivia is courtesy of IMDb

**Trivia written by James P.

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