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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Chance Harvey DVD Review

LAST CHANCE HARVEY - An Alliance Films' Release.


On DVD May 5th, 2009

Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.

Running time: 97 minutes

Joel Hopkins (dir.)

Dustin Hoffman as Harvey Shine

Emma Thompson as Kate Walker

Eileen Atkins as Maggie Walker

Kathy Baker as Jean

Liane Balaban as Susan

James Brolin as Brian

Richard Schiff as Marvin

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Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson star in LAST CHANCE HARVEY, and Alliance Films' release.

Our reviews below:


Last Chance Harvey DVD Review By John C.

*** (out of 4)

Watching Last Chance Harvey again on DVD, my opinion of the film has not changed. I still found some of the outdoor scenes to feel crowded. There are extras walking in front of and behind the actors and I found this to be a slight distraction from some of the dialogue. I also found that some of the sub-plots didn’t quite work for me. This is Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson’s movie, so some of the side characters seem to just feel like padding. The best scene in the whole movie comes from Dustin Hoffman at the wedding reception, you’ll know which one I’m talking about when you see it. To read my full thoughts on the film, please read my original theatrical review.

As I said originally: One of the things I really liked about it is the simple and mature romance between the two main characters. What made it so believable for me was the fact that after they first meet, they are not in bed by the next scene. It is not as much a romantic relationship as it is a romantic friendship, something that we don’t often see in Hollywood, and is actually quite refreshing.

The only special features on the DVD are the film’s theatrical trailer, some trailers for other films and a 16 and-a-half minute long making-of, which is basically just the promotional interviews, interslpliced with scenes from the movie.


Last Chance Harvey DVD Review By Erin V.

***1/2 (out of 4)

My opinions on Last Chance Harvey have not changed much from when I saw it in theatres. This is a nice quiet movie, which follows the friendship between Harvey Shine, (Dustin Hoffman), and Kate Walker, (Emma Thompson).

The musical score fits the mood well, and the pace of the movie makes it feel like the kind of movie that you might watch on a Sunday afternoon. It is nice to see a kind of romance between two older people rather than the teen romantic comedies that are so common these days. Both Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson give stellar performances, which made it seem as though this movie was written for them. And guess what? It was. The extras on the DVD include commentary on the movie and a making of featurette which talks about how after Stranger Than Fiction which also starred Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson together in a few scenes, they wanted to work together again. Last Chance Harvey was written, and it is clear that they work very well together indeed. This movie is carried by their very natural performances.

This is the kind of movie that would make a great Mother’s Day gift. So go out and buy it. It is a nice movie.


Last Chance Harvey DVD Review By Nicole

*** (out of 4)

It is nice to see a romantic movie that does not rely on sexual scenes to tell the story. This story about an ordinary man named Harvey, for whom everything is seeming to go wrong. He has lost his job, and his daughter has rejected him, (preferring her step dad give her away at her wedding). His trip to London for his daughter’s wedding seems futile. But just when things seem at their worst, Harvey finds love in an unexpected way. (Read my original review here for a fuller synopsis.

The bonus features on this DVD include a 16 minute featurette interviewing the actors and director, as well as a commentary track. The DVD comes out just in time for Mother’s Day, and would make a nice present. This film has very little in the way of objectionable content, so it could be shown at senior’s residences. However, even as a young adult, I enjoyed seeing a movie that is clean and innocent. Last Chance Harvey is a touching movie that is nice to own.


Last Chance Harvey DVD Review By Maureen

*** (out of 4)

Last Chance Harvey was just as nice to watch on DVD as it was in theatres. I really enjoyed this low-key romance. Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are wonderful to watch as Kate Walker and Harvey Shine. The budding friendship and romance between these two lonely, less than perfect, mature individuals is completely believable. The movie sends the message that love is not just for the young and perfect.

With wonderful acting, a lovely soundtrack and a sweet story this is one movie I’ll watch again on DVD. The making of feature on the DVD consists mainly of interviews with the actors and I enjoyed it.

With Mother’s Day coming up, Last Chance Harvey DVD would make a perfect gift.

(For more of the storyline check out my original review.)


Last Chance Harvey DVD Review By Tony

*** (out of 4)

See theatrical review here.


Consensus: Last Chance Harvey is carried by the acting of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. A nice movie which shows the possiblities of love at an older age, this would make a great Mother’s Day gift. *** (Out of 4)


To read more of our thoughts on Last Chance Harvey, please see our original theatrical reviews here.

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