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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Away We Go DVD Review

Away We Go - An Alliance Films’ Release

On DVD: September 29th, 2009

Rated 14A: Coarse language, sexual content, language may offend.

Running time: 98 minutes

Sam Mendes (dir.)

Dave Eggers & Vendala Vida (writers)

Alexi Murdoch (original music)

John Krasinski as Burt Farlander

Maya Rudolph as Verona De Tessant

Jeff Daniels as Jerry Farlander

Maggie Gyllenhaal as LN

Allison Janney as Lily

Chris Messina as Tom Garnett

Catherine O’Hara as Gloria Farlander

Paul Schneider as Courtney Farlander

Special Features: "Deleted Scenes*, - The Making of Away We Go*, - Green Filmmaking*, - Feature Commentary * Subtitled same as feature

HD content: - User Guide: MY SCENES, - Playstation 3 Controller (static user guide), - The Making of Away We Go*, - Green Filmmaking*"

©2009 Focus Features LLC and Big Beach LLC. All Rights Reserved. Distributed Exclusively in Canada by Alliance Films. All Rights Reserved.

Our reviews below:


Away We Go DVD Review By John C.

*1/2 (out of 4)

Some of Sam Mendes’ films could be described as masterpieces. His latest, Away We Go, is a minor disaster-piece. From the off-colour and really disgusting opening scene, I found myself thinking “what am I in for?”. It’s literally all down hill from there. The story follows the moronic Burt and the incredibly average Verona, who are in their thirties. They’ve been together for quite some time, but she refuses to get married. When she finally gets pregnant, they decide to take a road trip to find a better and more permanent place to settle down.

On their journey, they visit old friends and family. Almost everyone they visit is incredibly obnoxious. Some of them are also creepy. In particular the new-age family who all sleep together in the same bed. And also the mother who has adopted four kids, and does pathetic and clothed pole dances at a strip club in Montreal in her spare time. But how can you expect likable side characters when the leads themselves aren’t even that likable?

If this film was a total indie, than perhaps I would have cut it a bit more slack. But it’s mind-boggling and actually quite sad to see something like this come from an incredibly talented cast and crew. None of it is particularly funny, and by the end, when we’re supposed to feel for the characters, I felt no real emotional connection to them. The only thing I kind of liked in the film was the “indie-folk” soundtrack by singer/songwriter Alexi Murdoch.

The DVD includes the featurette’s The Making of Away We Go and Green Filmmaking. It also includes commentary with director Sam Mendes and writers Dave Eggers & Vandela Vida.


Away We Go DVD Review By Erin V.

** (out of 4)

It is said the first five minutes, or the last five minutes, can make or break a film. Right from the get go - the opening scene - my expectations plummeted for this movie. If you're wondering, simply put, the story follows the characters Burt and Verona looking for a new place to live with the child they are expecting.

From a disgusting opening scene to the odd, boring, and repetitive travels from place to place - stating with rather boring interruptive title cards saying, 'Away to (insert name of wherever their going)' - Away We Go just never lived up to my expectations. And why did practically every character in this film have to be unlikable? It's not like the actors are bad...it must just be how the script was written.

I couldn't really recommend this film, in all honesty. I suppose, if you're interested in borrowing it from the library, or checking it out on television, it would be fine to check it out for yourself, but other than that, you can skip this one.


Away We Go DVD Review By Nicole

** (out of 4)

Review N/A


Away We Go DVD Review By Maureen

*1/2 (out of 4)

Review N/A


Away We Go DVD Review By Tony

*1/2 (out of 4)

Review N/A


Consensus: Not all that great a film. At all. *3/4 (Out of 4)

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Anonymous said...

The opening scene was so disgusting, I stopped watching it. The End.