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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trailer Watch: Fantastic Mr. Fox, (Untitled) and The Horse Boy

Apple Movie Trailers now has an exclusive featurette for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film Fantastic Mr. Fox. This is a must-watch as it’s always fun to see the behind the scenes of stop-motion. Watch it here. The film opens on November 13th.

Anyone who loves laughing at the expense of pretentious modern “art” is sure to get a kick out of the new film (Untitled). This is one of the funniest trailers I’ve seen, I personally think this film looks absolutely brilliant. See the trailer here. The film opens on October 23rd in the US, and hopefully, Canada.

Autism is an ever rising hot-topic in the world of documentary film making. The Horse Boy is the story of one father’s quest to help his autistic son, through taking him on an epic journey through Outer Mongolia. As the story has already been documented in a popular book, this is sure to be a documentary that will have people talking. Watch the trailer here. Films We Like is distributing the film in Canada, and it will likely open on October 23rd.

-John C.

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