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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pixarpedia Book Review

Released August 31st, 2009

Page count: 352 pages

Size: 10 x 12

Pixarpedia: A Complete Guide to the World of Pixar... And Beyond!

(Text) By Barbara Bazaldua, Steve Bynghall, Jo Casey, Glenn Dakin, Lucy Dowling, Laura Gilbert, Julia March, Catherine Sauders, and Victoria Taylor

Foreword By Andrew Stanton

Research Associate Adam Abraham

Published By Dorling Kindersley

Copyright Disney © 2009



Pixarpedia Book Review By John C.

Pixarpedia is a beautiful new hardcover, full-colour book from Dorling Kindersley featuring facts about Pixar ranging from the animators to the characters in their films. Some we know, some I didn’t know, but they’ve never all been so well organized all in the same place before.

Written by 9 different authors, the book covers 12 Pixar features (the 10 that have been released + brief info on the upcoming Toys Story 3 and Cars 2), and 12 of Pixar’s shorts. Pixarpedia is the essential book for any Pixar fan. And if you love the studio as much as I do, than you really need to take a look at this book.


Pixarpedia Book Review By Erin V.

Pixarpedia is like the ultimate ‘essential guide’ that includes all of the films to date, and more random Pixar facts than you could have imagined existed.

Every year, with the release of the newest Pixar film comes an exquisite ‘essential guide’ published by Dorling Kindersley. Like classic DK books about every possible subject out there, they feature clean looking, easy to read pages organized as a sort visual reference with facts and information. Never before though has there been such an extensive book about Pixar’s characters and films.

It’s not a compilation edition where each essential guide is just put into one book though. Instead, this is a totally new and separate book focusing on giving us even more facts - particularly about the more minor characters that weren’t previously profiled. A nice ‘coffee table’ book, since it can just be flipped open and read at random, and still immensely enjoyed. Plus, it looks great out, rather then just hidden on a shelf somewhere.

Pixar fans, (and there are a lot of them out there), are going to absolutely love this book. It’s a highly crafted piece of work which included years of research. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


To find out more about Pixarpedia, or other books, visit DK's website here. You can read our other Pixar related articles here.

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