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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs on DVD Today

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is releasing the highly enjoyable third-installment in the Ice Age franchise on DVD today. This is a fun animated film that the entire family can enjoy. The animals are cute, the story is sweet and the visuals are great. In particular a wildly inventive aerial chase atop pterodactyl's. Like in all the Ice Age films, the lovable Scrat provides some of the best moments. The new character Buck, voiced by Simon Pegg, is also hilarious. Here’s a link to our original theatrical reviews. Our consensus read:

“The newest installment in the Ice Age series, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs has some of the best uses of 3D seen on screen so far. While the plot is simple, the visuals are great. This is one movie that will be a lot of fun for families this Summer. *** (Out of 4)”

The DVD is loaded with bonus features. The first disc includes filmmaker commentary, trailers and the most puzzling of the bonuses, a Marley & Me dog food commercial. The second disc includes about an hour of bonus videos, including both excellent previously-released “Scrat” short films (Gone Nutty & No Time For Nuts), a bunch of featurettes about Scrat, making-of featurettes and a short music video.

You can also get it as a three-disc set including a DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Copy of the film.

-John C.

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