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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trailer Watch: Toy Story 3

The new trailer for TS3 premiered online at Trailer Addict yesterday morning, and can now be watched on Apple Trailers. Having seen this trailer in 3D with the TS & TS2 Double-Bill, I found it to far surpass my expectations of what I originally thought when I heard about TS3 and the whole “daycare” plot. The Randy newman song “Losing You” plays beautifully over the first half of the trailer. This will certainly be an emotional film. I just hope the parts at the daycare with all the little kids don’t go on too long.

Even if you’ve already seen the trailer in the theatres, it’s worth watching a couple more times online. Here’s the link. TS3 director Lee Unkrich also announced in a recent video that the TS & TS2 3D Double-Bill has been extended, and will no longer be leaving theatres this Thursday. No word yet on how much longer it will be staying in theatres.

My anticipation is definitely high for next June 18th, when Toy Story 3 finally opens.

-John C.

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