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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Canada Above and Beyond on DVD Today

Today, E1 Films is releasing CBC’s 4-part documentary on Canadian aviation history, Canada Above and Beyond: 100 Years of Aviation. The 3-disc DVD set includes the complete series, as well as over 75-minutes of interviews and archival footage not seen in the documentary. Here are the names and descriptions of the 4 documentaries:

First Flight - Follow an excited six-year-old boy awaiting his first takeoff and a group of retired aviation experts and engineers trying to recapture the magic of that first flight 100 years ago.

Conquering Geography - Experience the stories of courageous pilots who are trained to fly in extreme conditions, put out forest fires and map the backcountry from the air.

Lifelines - From a Montreal pediatrician to the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), meet remarkable individuals who offer hope from the sky, at home and abroad.

Dancing with Danger - A must-watch for thrill-seekers, explore the amazing stunts of men and women who dazzle audiences with aerial aerobatics.

-John C.

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