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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Say Anything: 20th Anniversary Edition

On November 3rd, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released a 20th anniversary edition of Cameron Crowe’s classic romantic-dramady, Say Anything. This smartly written film offers a believable look at young love. Even though it originally came out in 1989, it still holds up.

Whether you’ve declared your love for Say Anything, while holding a boom-box over your head, or even if you’re a newcomer to the film. This 20th anniversary edition is worth getting.

The DVD includes deleted scenes, extended scenes, alternate scenes, featurettes, and audio commentary with Cameron Crowe and John Cusack. The Blu-Ray includes all this, plus an additional featurette and a trivia track.

20th Century Fox Home Ent. is releasing many of their catalogue titles on Blu-Ray, including the 1998 Fox Searchlight title Two Girls and a Guy, which also came out Nov. 3rd.

-John C.

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