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Monday, February 1, 2010

Filmmaking for Teens - Book Review

Released February 2010

Page count: 200 pages

Size: 9” x 6”

Filmmaking for Teens, 2nd edition

(Text) By Troy Lanier & Clay Nichols

Published By Michael Wiese Productions

Filmmaking for Teens

- This review is in a series running this week and next, leading up to the Oscar nominations on Feb. 2nd. The series includes a profile of 8 books relating to past and present films, as well as the filmmaking process. Check out these titles to get a better understanding of what goes into the art of film.


Filmmaking for Teens 2nd Edition Book Review By Erin V.

First off, what is a big reason why a lot of films don’t get made? Essentially, commitment to see that passing idea from concept to completion. So, this book makes it easy. Don’t get grandiose for your first try, do a 5 minute short. That’s what is focused on here. Seeing a 5 minute short film through to completion. Doing this will actually give you invaluable information about how to approach a more ambitious project, and how to organize yourself to be able to stick with it. Also, once you’ve completed one short, you have the confidence that you can actually pull more off...

Filmmaking for Teens, 2nd Ed. covers everything you would want to know from writing down your ideas in script format, to filming, editing, working with sound, etc. You will also learn where each person in the film crew’s duties lie, and what kinds of equipment you can use that’s in your budget, but still is good quality. Plus, the book’s not all that long, and easy to flip open in the middle and find out what you need for just a certain part of production.

In essence, this makes for an easy read with loads of information organized in a nice, concise way. It is a book that will help you get your film made, and will give you the edge you need to get a jump-start into the world of filmmaking. A perfect book for those just starting out.


To find out more about Filmmaking for Teens, or other books, visit Michael Wiese Productions’ website here.

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