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Monday, February 1, 2010

Shaking the Money Tree - Book Review

Released January 2010

Page count: 192 pages

Size: 6” x 9”

Shaking the Money Tree, 3rd edition

(Text) By Morrie Warshawski

Published By Michael Wiese Productions

Shaking the Money Tree Link

- This review is in a series running this week and next, leading up to the Oscar nominations on Feb. 2nd. The series includes a profile of 8 books relating to past and present films, as well as the filmmaking process. Check out these titles to get a better understanding of what goes into the art of film.


Shaking the Money Tree 3rd Edition Book Review By Erin V.

One of the elements of filmmaking that is often not explained very well to starting filmmakers, is the art of getting money to actually make their films.

First published in 1994, and a 2nd edition published in 2003, this newest edition of Shaking the Money Tree, now includes new sidebars with advice from respected individuals in the field. The appendix in this edition also includes two sample grant applications, one for The Most Dangerous Man in America, and the other for Behind the Velvet Curtain. These examples are a great way to see how to put together a successful pitch.

At 192 pages (including the appendix which starts at page 115), this book doesn’t take all that long to read. The real thing is to get started on it - and to read it in order. It’s kind of hard to just flip open and read, as the information builds nicely on itself as it goes along.

Reading through the book, I can definitely recommend it. There is a lot of useful information and tips here that will help many more young filmmakers find success in the financial side of getting their films made. From creating written, and spoken pitches, to filling out grant applications, this is important stuff to know.


To find out more about Shaking the Money Tree, or other books, visit Michael Wiese Productions’ website here.

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