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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Announcement - Grammy Award Winners For Film

Since there are so many award categories, many of the Grammy Award winners were announced online earlier today in the pre-televised portion - the broadcasted awards are running right now on CBS.

Read below if you would like to know what the film winners are now! (Winners are in bold)

For: Field 20 - Film/TV/Visual Media:

Category 81 - Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

Cadillac Records

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds

Slumdog Millionaire

True Blood


Category 82 - Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Disc 1) - Alexandre Desplat, composer

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince - Nicholas Hooper, composer

Milk - Danny Elfman, composer

Star Trek - Michael Giacchino, composer

Up - Michael Giacchino, composer

Category 83 - Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

The Climb (From Hannah Montana: The Movie)

Decode (From Twilight)

Jai Ho (From Slumdog Millionaire)

Once In A Lifetime (From Cadillac Records)

The Wrestler (From The Wrestler)

And then, in ‘Field 21 - Composing/Arranging’, Michael Giacchino had two nominations. Here's how he faired there:

In "Category 84 - Best Instrumental Composition", the track Married Life from Up won it's nomination, although in "Category 85 - Best Instrumental Arrangement", Up With End Credits, ended up being beaten by the West Side Story Medley from Resonance Big Band Plays Tribute to Oscar Peterson.

So, to sum it up, both Up, and Slumdog Millionaire took home two awards for their music. I'm also glad to see that Michael Giacchino didn't cancel himself out being nominated twice in the best score soundtrack album category.

You can read the full list of nominees and winners here, and you can read my original thoughts on the nominations here.

-E. Corrado

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